About Us

We provide innovative, comprehensive cancer care with a personal touch. We are a full-service medical oncology and hematology practice with a premier team of highly trained and experienced board certified physicians, nurse practitioners and oncology-certified nurses. Our physicians practice at nearly every hospital in the region to provide continuity of care for inpatients. We proudly maintain our status as an independent, private practice.

Our practice formed in 2004 through a merger between two well-regarded, Knoxville-based oncology groups—Cancer Care of East Tennessee and East Tennessee Oncology Hematology. We have become the premier group in East Tennessee and proudly rank as the third largest group in the state. Our practice has grown to 13 physicians, and we offer services at 15 locations in the area. Although growing and serving nearly every hospital in the region, our specialists continue to maintain focus on quality care for our patients and their families.