Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials in Tennessee

Clinical trials are studies that evaluate the effectiveness of new drugs or treatment strategies. The development of more effective cancer treatments requires that new and innovative therapies be evaluated with cancer patients. In oncology, clinical trials are especially important because, in the absence of high cure rates, nearly all therapeutic approaches are developmental in nature.  Clinical trials allow patients access to the latest research treatments before they are available to the public and are an excellent first option for patients.

Participating in Clinical Trials

Tennessee Cancer Specialists is an established research leader in communities across East Tennessee and offers clinical trials through Sarah Cannon Research Institute (SCRI), one of the world’s leading oncology research organizations conducting community-based clinical trials. SCRI has contributed to pivotal research that has led to the majority of new cancer therapies approved by the FDA today.

Our research program, SCRI at Tennessee Cancer Specialists, provides access to the latest clinical trial options to people facing cancer and is part of an expansive research network with the goals of advancing therapies for patients and transforming cancer care within the community, where the majority of people seek cancer treatment. At any given time, Tennessee Cancer Specialists offers clinical treatment options in various disease types.

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Clinical trials are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of new treatment interventions. The objective of these clinical trials is to test new therapies in patients who have cancer. Patients participate in clinical trials for several reasons, including:

  • The potential to benefit from a new drug or treatment procedure
  • Improved management of symptoms resulting from treatment from treatment or cancer
  • The opportunity to directly contribute to improving the understanding of how to treat a cancer and ultimately, benefit other patients

Patients who participate in clinical trials receive either a promising new treatment or the best available conventional treatment. If a new treatment option is proven to work, patients who are participating in the clinical trial will be among the first to benefit. While there is no guarantee that any treatment will be successful, clinical trials have been proven to offer some of the most effective cancer treatments currently available today.

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