After Hours Care

Comprehensive cancer care doesn’t end at five o’clock. Although most complications of cancer treatment can be handled during normal office hours by your regular oncologist or oncology nurse, occasional problems do arise after hours. We have made special arrangements for such occasions to ensure you receive prompt, proper care.

For Cancer-Related Problems
To obtain assistance for a cancer-related problem when our offices are closed, call your normal office phone number. All after hour calls route through an automated answering service where you can leave your name and phone number. The on-call physician will call you back within 15 minutes to address your concern. If there is no response within 30 minutes of your call, call the service back to ensure your message was received.

For General Problems
Problems not related to cancer or its treatment should be directed to your primary care physician or the physician covering for him or her.

For An Emergency
In the event of a critical medical emergency, call 911.