Commonly Asked Questions

Being diagnosed with cancer or seeking a cancer consultation for you or a loved one can be a complicated, scary experience. We believe knowledge is power. We want to be your empowering partner in comprehensive, compassionate cancer care. We encourage you to read the following list of commonly asked questions. We hope it helps ease your fears and prepare you as much as possible for your initial visit.

If you have an additional question, give us a call—we are here to help.

What information will I need to provide when making the appointment?
Many times, your physician will make the appointment and provide us with the information needed to get you set up in our system, but in some cases, a patient can call directly to make an appointment. When calling to set up an appointment, we will need your name, address, phone number, cell phone number, insurance information and additional identification information.

Do you accept my insurance?
We participate with most major insurance companies and will submit claims to your carrier on your behalf. Medicaid/Tncare patients are welcome. We also accept Medicare assignment. If you belong to an HMO or PPO plan, call our office to verify our physicians are a participating provider of your insurance company. Our staff will be able to tell either you or your primary care physician whether or not we accept your insurance when the first call is made.

Is there a lot of paper work to fill out?
Yes. There are a few forms that will need to be filled out upon your first visit that ask for personal data, insurance, emergency contact and medical history questions. We ask you arrive at our office 15 minutes prior to your appointment time to provide us with this needed information.

Our TCS offices have the ability to mail the forms to your home prior to the initial visit. You will need to bring these forms to our office the day of your first visit.

What do I need to bring to my first visit?
You will need to bring your medical insurance identification card(s). In some cases, many people have two or even three insurance carriers—some may even have a cancer policy. We need to know this, so we can properly bill your medical claim. We will make a copy of this card for our records. From the information you provide, we will verify your insurance benefits, obtain per-certifications or authorizations if necessary and be able to file your claim to your insurance plan. If your insurance plan requires a referral from your primary care physician, this is your responsibility; however, don’t worry—we can help you with this, too. On occasions, we will ask you to update or verify your insurance, so our records will always reflect current information.

What will my financial responsibility be?
We wish we could provide a standard answer to this question for all our patients. Unfortunately, we cannot do so. Each insurance plan has its own requirements based on its contract with the individual policy holder. Some have deductibles, co-insurance, co-pays, while others may require you to pay a percentage of the charges.

As a new patient, you will sit down with one our financial counselors and review your insurance coverage. We will not only provide prior to treatment an estimate of cost for your care, but we will also work with you and your family to find ways to meet these financial obligations—this means you and your family can concentrate on your treatment and recovery. We have several payment options to offer. Your financial counselor will provide you with the information you need.

What if I don’t have any or enough insurance to cover my treatment?
We can help. Our financial counselors will help determine your need for financial assistance during your first visit. There are several payment plans or programs available to help ease the financial burden for those that qualify. Once we determine you meet the requirements, we will seek and try to obtain assistance for you.

Are there any websites my family or I can visit for information about cancer?
Yes. There are several websites that address other questions or concerns your might have. We provide a list of websites we believe will be the most helpful for you and your family.

Association of Cancer Online Resources:
A unique collection of online cancer communities designed to provide timely and accurate information in a supportive environment

Oncologist-approved cancer information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Chemo Care:
Provides the latest information about chemotherapy to patients and their families, caregivers and friends
Provides information about many types of cancer diagnoses, cancer risk factors, cancer screening and cancer treatment

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:

National Cancer Institute:

What if I have more questions?
If you have additional questions, give us a call, and we will be more than happy to assist you.