Common Cancer Myths And The Facts Behind Them

Cancer and discussion of cancer can be incredibly intimidating. Because people tend to avoid conversations about this serious subject, plenty of myths start to form around the conversation, making it harder to know exactly what’s true. Here are a few common myths surrounding cancer, cancer therapy, and cancer treatment centers, and the actual facts behind them.

Myth: “Everything causes cancer.”

Fact: The causes of cancer are incredibly complicated, and it’s rarely as simple as eating a particular food or using a cell phone. There are several things that you should absolutely avoid, however, such as smoking, which is known to cause lung cancer. That being said, smoking isn’t the only cause of lung cancer. Other known causes include exposure to secondhand smoke, air pollution, radon, and asbestos.

Myth: “If nobody in my family has had cancer, I’ll be ok.”

Fact: Just because none of your direct relatives have developed cancer doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to never develop cancer. The causes of cancer are complex and not thoroughly understood; if you want to truly protect yourself from cancer, make sure you go to your doctor regularly for screenings. If you do have a family history, make sure you disclose this to your doctor, as it could potentially relate to your own risk of developing cancer.

Myth: “Attitude can affect how well your treatment works.”

Fact: While having a positive attitude while pursuing treatment is good, it’s not necessarily going to affect how effective your treatment plan is. Stress and anxiety while seeking treatment for cancer are understandable, but it’s not going to prevent you from being treated.

Myth: “Cancer is a death sentence.”

Fact: Cancer may be a frightening diagnosis, but the survival rate for cancer has been climbing in recent years. Recent developments in chemotherapy treatment and other forms of cancer treatment have led to improved health and quality of life for those undergoing cancer treatment. Cancer treatment centers have improved in recent years, making therapies more effective, and advancements continue.

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